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Non-Profit Initiative

Founders: Hetvi Maru and Indrani Ray

Missing a loved one & the distance is keeping you apart? You’re not alone. In a world where social distancing is the new norm, we attempt to bridge this distance and bring you closer to the people who make you feel loved.

Our frontline workers work tirelessly and spend their days and nights treating us while distancing themselves from their loved ones. In their honour, we bring to you ‘Yours Truly Postcards’ in support of the organisation, ‘Doctors for You India’.

Started by Grade 12 students, Indrani Ray and Hetvi Maru, this initiative is aimed at connecting individuals to their loved ones while also making a significant impact in the lives of those who work to battle COVID-19.

On observing the tragic and heartbreaking environment around us, we felt incredibly helpless. We wanted to do something that would encourage people to donate to a cause without making it seem like they’re simply donating to just another fundraiser online.

This is why we decided to collaborate with over 15 photographers, graphic designers and digital artists from all across India to give you a diverse collection of over 20 postcards to choose from. All proceeds go to ‘Doctors For You India’, a Non-Profit Organisation that has been tirelessly working to set up quarantine centres and secure oxygen cylinders for patients throughout the pandemic.

As of 7th July, 2021, we have received over Rs. 20,000 in donations and aim to reach our goal of Rs. 30,000 (or more!) by the end of July. We are incredibly grateful for the response we have received so far and hope to collect a lot more!

[P. S. Donations without a purchase are also more than welcome!]

To learn more about ‘Doctors For You’:

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