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Strength Has No Gender

Urzin Pardiwalla

How can a country progress

When all its focus is on gender?

How can we achieve success

When women in veils are compelled to surrender?

We are all born the same, be it men or women

Then why do we discriminate every now and then? Those days are gone, when women simply tended to the stove

With Sati, she had to sacrifice her life for her departed love.

In our society, women are easily blamed,

For simply, not being tamed.

She is labelled ‘indecent’ when in shorts

And feels unsafe, with fear of r*pe, extort.

If you let her explore her horizon,

She will surprise you beyond your imagination.

Her femininity creates creativity,

and her endurance brings stability.

If you believe that only men are strong,

Then you are deluded, and indeed, wrong!

Goddess Kali is worshipped, for she is strong and


Yet, women are considered weak and subservient!

Men and women deserve to be equal,

And not men, strong; and women, feeble.

She bears tremendous pain in labour, for her child to give birth,

Which simply shows her courage, and her worth!

Why should women be subjected to dowry?

And men demand for it, so proudly!

Let every boy and girl be educated,

And let each achieve their aspirations, extricated.

Women and men, both fight on our borders,

Some nurturing and saving lives, as great doctors.

The rise of feminism is for women to be granted their rights,

Till justice isn't served, women will have sleepless nights.

So, let's pledge for equality,

And respect one another, consciously.

Strength has no gender,

It's time to defeat inequality, our contender.



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