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Project COFUND

Non-profit Initiative

Members: Rheanna Kothari, Aaniya Jaffer, Armaan Jetha , Khushnoor Panday and Hiya Jain

Coronavirus. The one word we have heard the most for the past one year. We’ve heard it so much that now we are sick of it. But what makes us even sicker is the thought of people suffering from this harrowing disease with no one to assist them. Hence, we at Project Cofund are here to lend a helping hand to the people who need it the most. It would be ironic if we, who are privileged, do not come to the rescue of those who can barely make ends meet.

I led Project Cofund in association with Habitat for Humanity and The Alpha Urbane Project. Our purpose was to help the thousands affected by COVID-19 by providing hygiene and essentials kits. Our core team members were Aaniya Jaffer, Armaan Jetha, Khushnoor Panday, Hiya Jain and myself. We had participants from schools all across Mumbai. I personally collected over 1 lakh rupees and as a whole, we managed to raise over five lakh rupees with a total of 208 donors and 35 fundraisers.

Currently, as we try to battle this deadly pandemic by staying at home, the weaker sections of society have no one to help them and are thus falling prey to this horrifying sickness. The lack of help and awareness to these sections of society is leading to a rise in cases. This is what inspired our core team to assist and spare a sympathetic thought for the have-nots.

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