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X-Men Apocalyse

Marvel’s X-Men series has been a part of our lives for over 16 years now, and with the release of it’s sixth edition, X-Men Apocalypse taken from the comic, Age of Apocalypse, has received quite a lot of hate. To start off, Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a vomit-covered 47%. Any guesses as to which horrible movie beat that rating? It’s none other than Twilight. Yes, that movie about creepy love triangles, werewolves and glittering vampires was obviously much better than an action packed Marvel movie.

Although the movie was a bit disappointing for die hard fans, when it came to plot holes or the accuracy to the comics it was still able to be par excellence in its own different, unique packages.

To begin with, A movie revolving an exceptional and dimensional villain – check. The antagonist of this film is a character originating from the comics itself called Apocalypse. Much like his name suggests, Apocalypse signifies the probable doom and end of the entire world. His powers are so extraordinary and endless that he is often considered as a God. Apocalypse was believed to be the first mutant ever, born multiple centuries ago and always believed to have travelled with his four horsemen, much like the Apocalypse from the Bible. (or wait did the Bible get it from him?) His main goal is to eliminate the weaker species, to kill anyone who stands in the way of his plan and to build a better world from the ashes of the one he destroys.

A Marvel movie expected to deliver get levels of well defined action. Check. The X-Men series has a set of movies which sometimes have a prequel story line and sometimes a sequel story line. Apocalypse as a movie did not only fulfil our desire of skilfully delivered action packed scenes, but also tie the knots between the missing time period and getting the chronological order of the series aligned. The movie fills our hearts with a warm, fluttering feeling when we witness the usual young, lost mutants completely unaware of their powers. We see them when they’re raw, uncontrolled and practically dangerous. Seeings these characters fight is a literal feast to our eyes. The final fight against Apocalypse was so well crafted as well, and just when you think he possibly couldn’t have any more powers, he comes to prove you wrong. And I definitely doubt that the sight of a single locket killing ten people at once isn’t the most common.

Amazing special effects that keep one flabbergasted and serve as the cherry on top of this brilliant cake. Check. It would be unfair not to mention the famous character, Quicksilver who is capable of being quite so literally, as fast as lightening or in this case, even faster. A small five minute scene featuring this character took the editors 3 entire painstaking months to portray on the screen and words couldn’t describe how cool it was. The flying, the lazer beams, the clawed hands, the metal wings all seemed so genuine. It was perfect.

Apart from this, the movie gives us an insight to the actual story lines of our favourite characters, making us fall even more in love with them. One would probably not expect themselves to relate to a movie about people with literal superpowers trying to save the world, but the directors have managed to completely shatter than opinion. Topics such as love, loyalty, friendship, being completely lost on what to do, not being able to tell right from wrong or even believing in yourself is something everyone will share in common with the movie. The movie showcases character development and interesting dramatic as well as funny dialogues which helps balance out the movie and keep it interesting through out.

Yes the movie was not a Civil War, but it was definitely NOT a sparkly vampire movie, and i can happily give it two thumbs up.

- Shaivi Srivastava


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