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Stranger Things Review


This article swears to reveal no spoilers, at all times.

With the release of the second season of Netflix’s most popular series on television right now, Stranger Things has won hearts and minds, all over the globe. With its season two premier merely a week ago, fans have already binge-watched the show more than twice! However, if you’re new to this fandom filled with Eggo (waffle) addicts and lovers of an ‘eleven’ year old who can kill grown men with her mind, here’s a guide to the world of Stranger Things and advice on how and why you should to binge watch it, especially if you’re a newbie.

Even though the Netflix series premiered only last year for the first time, it has spread around like wildfire. Brimming with cliff-hangers and mind-blowing plot twists, the show makes sure that you’ll be back for more. The story zooms in on a quartet of middle-school boys- Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin. It’s set in the quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana. It simultaneously revolves around the story of another character the beloved ‘Eleven’, aka, ‘El’.

While the first episode is an adorable portrayal of our little nerds, things take a sharp turn after Will’s disappearance. When the police proclaim him to be dead, the rest of his party members take it upon themselves to find him and bring him back. The jigsaw pieces start coming into place slowly, when their world collides with Eleven-who happens to be an experiment of the Hawkins Lab, enforced with unimaginable psychokinetic abilities. Together, the kids uncover an alternate dimension which they call the ‘Upside Down’. But little do they know, that this goes way beyond their young minds, cultivating into something terrifying and monstrous.

The best and worst part about this series is that all episodes are released on the same day. You think that’s good? Wait till you end up with wet tissues, empty popcorn bowls and dark circles. So, here are a few safe ways to watch the show without blowing up your whole life. Preferably start with it on a Friday night, if you absolutely want to binge. However, a smart way of watching it would be to space it out. This gives you the time to ‘be left in the dark’ as well as energy for your real-life events. A healthy portion would be two episodes per day.

Another method that child prodigy Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) suggested was to watch till the second last episode of season 2, space it out, and then watch the last episode the day before the third season premieres. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s your choice. I would definitely recommend experiencing the thrill of Stranger Things, and would rate it an eleven on ten.

- Tanaya Ranade

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