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Vidhi Bamboli

Little did I know that March 2020 would be the last time I would walk through those blue hallways, the hallowed grounds of my alma mater. It was during my final years that I truly understood how it feels to have your school life pass by in the blink of an eye as this is the time you make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Your last class photograph, the annual concert, farewell and teachers’ day celebration. It is heart-breaking not to have had these wonderful experiences during my last year at Scottish.

This past tumultuous year had all of us staying home, studying online, not meeting school friends everyday and missing the familiar yet fun routine of school. The transition from classrooms to online learning was tough for me. I missed the interaction with the teachers and found myself extremely distracted staring at a screen. Through it all, my teachers were extremely helpful and proactive. Like us, they also had to shift to a completely different way of teaching but kudos to them, they made online lectures as engaging and interesting as possible.

Having scored exceptionally well in the ISC board examinations this year, there are a few tips I wish to share that held me in good stead. I would like to begin by saying, have fun but be sincere. Online school may be tiring, monotonous and lonely but know that this is just temporary and everything will eventually go back to normal. Know that your teachers and seniors will always be there to help you and guide you through the hard times. Also, being consistent pays off in the long run whether it be doing homework, submissions or just studying for exams.

I credit my success at the ISC Science board examinations to my hard work, diligence and sincerity, virtues instilled in me by this prestigious institution. As I step out of this nurtured environment and take on new challenges at the University of Toronto for my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering, I will always remember to have ‘Perseverantia et Fide in Deo’.

Yours affectionately,

Vidhi Bamboli,

ISC Batch of 2021.

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