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Trip to Kaziranga

  The trip was nothing that I expected it would be, it was better. I never thought that going on a trip with friends would get any better. I am glad that I got to experience such a trip.

   The trip was better than other trips because of how close everyone got at the end, nobody cared about the age difference or made the trip an awkward trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even if it was to make fun of someone or to crack lame jokes or to dance around the bon fire like some tribe or to make up songs just to win antakshari. Yes, we also visited Guwagati, cherrapunji and Shillong and many places in between like, Mawsmai Cave, Eco Park, Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, Elephant Falls, Ward’s Lake, Air Force Museum, etc, there are many more which I can’t remember at the moment.

   The Favorite time during the trip was the secret Santa, where everyone was happy in what they got for each , even if it was cheap or really expensive, I am sure they will keep it as a souvenir. As it was my last trip, I am happy that I went for the trip and made crazy, funny, and memorable memory that I can look back and laugh at.  

-Tanisha Laxmeshwar

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