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The Universe: What is It After All?

The Universe is the most magnificent thing that exists. Nothing can compare to the enigma and mystery and danger that it holds. We are all a product of it. Also, it is a very big paradox. It is everything that matters; yet it doesn’t really matter at all. It holds inside itself all the answers; yet it has a question mark upon itself. It makes us think, ponder, and feel many great things; yet doesn’t really affect us. It is always moving, happening and on the go; yet just so calm and stable.

The Universe is also the fountainhead of many of the queries and doubts. One that really boggles me is that- Are we really alone in the entirety of the bearer or possibilities? Maybe and maybe not. Maybe we are the only ones lucky enough to exist. Coincidences are rare. Or maybe, there are others, living, breathing, and wondering just like us. All in all, there are two possibilities: either we are alone in this entire universe or not. And both are equally intimidating. if you come to think of it, most of the things you think about the Universe always begin with a “maybe”. Maybe all that we see is an illusion. Maybe what we think we know about it isn’t true at all.

I have also thought about something quite interesting. As we have been taught in Mathematics, “uni” usually means one (as in unitary method). So, in the word “universe” it, therefore, means “one verse”. The name itself is contradictory!

Humans have the tendency to dig for answers, but is it really a good idea? What if one day we come to know that we are only experiments performed by some other huge alien being? Think about it all and you’re bound to lose it. We are all so insignificant and yet we have the power to name the Universe and decide what’s in it. Imagination is a gift to us from the Universe. And our imagination is thus the greatest gift to ourselves. It allowed us to create heavenly things like the Internet and rollercoasters and stories and music and pizzas!

The Universe is enormous and yet it can fit into our minuscule and allow us to sculpt in into whatever we like it as. For instance, if you are vexed about something and you think about the Universe, you will probably imagine its destructive form, with all its furious blasts and like. If you are peaceful, you will think of it’s unperturbed composure, the way it is still and stable. Therefore, I think its safe to say that everyone has his or her own Universe and we matter to it as much as it matters to us.

You are a part of the Universe, and the universe is a part of you.

~Sahana 10E

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