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The Techno World

Jared Collins

Multiple centuries into the future, we humans developed and finally achieved technological advancement of the planet. Now, there are hover trains, sound-wave speakers, complex high-tech skyscrapers, jet speed cars and many more. It took the human brain approximately 5 centuries to understand and invent previously unthinkable technology.

My name is Jared Collins, and I am writing this to tell the world about how our creation has turned on us and our dreams of the high-tech world, may be falling sideways leading to the extinction of human beings on Earth. With the creation of robots and machines with minds of their own, inventors were sure they lifted the bar in technology and led stress-free lavish lifestyles having no doubts about anything. Little did they know what was to ensue. There was a terrible malfunction in the system, and the robots we once invented have begun to think for themselves. Mass massacres and destruction of property; think of it like an apocalypse created by none other than ourselves. It has become Machine Vs Creator and the world is collateral damage. Planet 53 or as we regard it, The Earth, has gone into worldwide containment zones in order to protect the remaining humans from the machine apocalypse created by our own hands. Those that dared to face them were incinerated with fumes in a matter of seconds.

This is a warning. I, Jared Collins, have come from the future using the last of Earth’s remaining portals and teleported back to 2021; 5 centuries in the past to warn Planet Earth of the dreadful future that lies in our very own hands.

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