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Non-Profit Initiative

Founder: Shaurya Goyal

Team Members: Shaurya Goyal and Parth Goyal

Our story begins on a day like any other, except I was getting increasingly frustrated as I failed in my multiple attempts to use a bar of soap, grown small and thin over time. Complaining about this wastage, I began thinking to myself. If only there was a way we could recycle small soap pieces, which were usually discarded, into reusable soap bars. After browsing the internet and having a discussion with my mother, ‘The Soap Operation’ was born.

We began small, using soap pieces from our own house. Soon the operation expanded and our contributors included friends, relatives and neighbours. After the necessary sanitation, we recycled the soap and were able to produce about 20 new soap bars every week.

However, recycling is an extremely tedious process and the output was insufficient for the time and effort put into the process. We began looking for other ways of obtaining soap bars and started accepting donations. From young adults, donating out of their allowance, to general stores contributing over 100 soap bars, everyone helped out.

Through extensive social media campaigns, we collected more than Rs.10,000 and over 300 soap bars. Continuing the recycling process, we produced more than 100 soap bars. To increase awareness and knowledge, we prepared videos and flyers depicting the correct hand washing method. We wished to ensure that the soap provided was put to good use! Our first ‘Soap Operation’ was carried out on the 30th of May, 2021 in Kumbharwada, Dharavi. We distributed over 70 bars of soap, each one accompanied by a flyer outlining the importance of hand hygiene. This has helped spread awareness in the community. We aspire to conduct regular drives on a much larger scale for this is only the beginning! We have identified multiple locations for future ‘Soap Operations’ and plan to collaborate with larger and more extensive organisations to upscale our initiative.

By recycling these so-called “soap scraps” and distributing them to people in need, we not only spread hygiene and wellness but also give back to society and take a step in saving the environment.

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