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The New Leaders of the World

If someone asked me point blank, “Do you think women or men make better leaders?”, my immediate answer would be, "Women.” As more and more women have moved into leadership positions, and as they become managers, the differences in style of working between the two genders is showing up. Research shows that women have a more collaborative, intuitive, nurturing, and empathetic style, while men prefer a more top-down, fact-based, linear, and task-oriented approach.

I think women are born with an innate understanding that God gave us two ears and one mouth on purpose. While some might disagree, the fact is, women are great listeners. When someone talks to us, especially about a problem or concern, we give our undivided attention, which is an excellent quality in a leader.

Women have a genuine passion for working with others. We like to share ideas and come up with solutions that will be effective for everyone involved in the process. That means that as leaders, we’re good at giving every team member a chance to voice their opinion and be a part of the conversation.

A leader should act not as the boss of the team, but as a part of it. People should feel comfortable working with a leader. And that is exactly what you see in a woman chief. Accessibility and comfort. Women are more likely to be supportive of individuals at all levels of their organization, regardless of their rank or title.

The business world needs more women leaders because, quite frankly, we are readers and learners. There is so much potential in a woman that you don’t see. Women have the brains, the guts and the attitude required to become a distinguished leader. They are the architects who will build the pillars of a great world.



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