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Smells Like Nostalgia for the 90s

I attended a party the other day, it had a retro theme to it. Everyone had come dressed as their favorite 90s TV show character. Ever since that party, I have been thinking about life in the 80s-90s a lot more, particularly late 80s and early 90s. What a different yet beautiful period it must have been (I was born in 2001 :-[ ).

People sent letters instead of emails or instant texts. Each social gathering was a special one, there weren’t any cell phones so you wouldn’t have to worry about some sneaky friend taking embarrassing pictures of you. The music was much better, people danced to rock anthems and some of the peppiest disco beats ever created (vengaboys, anyone?). Music was as “real” as it could be, it being the golden age of the guitar. Lyrics had meaning, they weren’t some random bunch of words thrown into a looping beat. Innovation was at an all time high with revolutionary products coming out every year; those mid-night infomercials tried selling the silliest products, however even those were fun to watch. Relationships weren’t formed over some virtual interface, they were borne out of true social activities that involved actually meeting people. Its safe to say that human relations were far stronger and more real than most we have today.

That’s what I miss about the good ol’ 90s. Even though I never really got to be a part of it, I have seen enough movies and read far too many books to come up with this idea. (Quick movie suggestion: watch the Perks of Being a Wallflower if you haven’t already, you’ll understand the 90s picture I am trying to paint over here). In this 2010s decade of ours, our social relations are mostly tied with technology, namely social media. Relationships feel less “human”. Music feels less “human”. Everything feels less human. Its as though we all are turning ourselves into robots, showcasing ourselves behind the hard shell of vanity on social media. Where are the small gatherings in little homes where people would tell great stories to each other, instead of worrying about pictures for their next Instagram post? Where are those moments where songs were played on a little cassette player, and the lyrics had meaning, rather than popular songs nowadays with a “sick beat drop” ? Where are all those letters we poured our hearts into and waited for months in turn to get one back? Where’s that emotional bond gone? It all seems to have drifted away and it isn’t getting any better. I’m not saying that everybody’s fake, I am guilty of doing the same too. I’m not saying we should start a #BacktoRetro movement either, that would be highly impractical and unattainable. All I’m saying it that we should try to become more like our emotional, often excited selves from the 90s. Lets try forming deeper relationships, not virtually, but by real interaction. Lets start reaching out for each other a little more. Lets get creative with our ideas, inventions, and fashion again, and live without a care in the world. Lets become human again. Not to forget, let’s get yoyos back.

- Anonymous

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