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Shaan Mamta Bhatt

ISC Batch of 2019

It was my first day in the 11th grade and we had all assembled in the Gamaliel Hall for the “start-of-term assembly”. I remember that one of my classmates, who was standing in front of me, was wearing the wrong shoes and was promptly sent home thereafter. This caught me by surprise at the time since I was expecting a certain degree of leniency as it was just the first day of school. Another vivid experience was in the middle of the term when it seemed like all the boys were keeping their hair really long. I remember two of my classmates being carted off to a nearby salon (whose name was rather eye-catching) and returning to class with military crew cuts. Hilarious at the time, yes, but it was effective regardless since no one dared to show up to school with unkempt hair after that. This strong emphasis on discipline and good conduct was a virtue I grew to respect in my days at Bombay Scottish School.

There were times, especially when the adolescence in our classrooms was at its peak, when we showed strong disregard for such rules, but two years into law school has made me value them so much more. Respect was at the core of every lesson and experience in school, be it interacting with staff and classmates or carrying out tasks for your House, staying grounded was a virtue. That is something I am really grateful for because once we step out of that precious bubble, which is our school, it is only one's character and conduct that ultimately governs the work they do, the decisions they make and the people they interact with.

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