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Scottish Model United Nations 2019

The Scottish Model United Nations 2019 is just the right combination of experienced MUNners and organisers, coming together for an event of pure excellence and finesse. Come, interact and learn from the Team consisting of individuals well-versed with all types of Committee Procedures, and possessing organizational skills of the highest degree. Consisting of individuals who are efficient and meticulous in their work, they are committed to giving you your finest SMUN experience yet. Be assured that these three extraordinary days will change the way you look at life altogether. In the hit musical Hamilton, there is a song titled, ‘Who lives, who dies, who tells your story’, which talks about how society decides the manner in which individuals are perceived. The only question for you, dear applicants, is, ‘What story do YOU want to tell’? What are you waiting for? Go check the website out and register: 

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