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Save the Animals

Urzin Pardiwalla

I am imprisoned here all alone,

My master leaves me as I am disowned.

I am tied to this chain all day,

My future seems to be dark and grey.

I am ill-treated for pleasure,

You stand and watch the repressor.

I cry and mourn in gruesome pain,

My voice only gurgles down the drain.

I am tortured for no fault of mine,

I am given a slow death with strychnine.

Doesn’t your heart ache at my plight?

But you turn your eye away, to keep me out of sight.

I know my end is going to be near,

You breed in me, the very fear.

I am a living being, just as you,

Then why are my emotions misconstrued?

I am very loyal and friendly,

I love you unconditionally and immensely.

Save the animals before it’s too late,

Or our numbers will attenuate.


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