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Rich Fields of Commerce

Urzin Pardiwalla

As I gruel through my high school boards,

The results put me at crossroads.

Now is the time to declare,

The faculty that pleases me fair.

My liking for Commerce is a certainty,

I’m neither made for Humanities, nor Science’s complexity. I dream to trade on a large scale,

And uplift the economy without fail.

With the activity of social dealings,

And exchange of goods by buying or selling.

So now to equip myself with knowledge of marketing, The business of promoting and selling products and services, including advertising.

While my keen eye is on Financial strategies,

Where there is management of huge sums of money

by governments and large companies.

The core lies in the art of Management,

Of getting things done by controlling people of organized groups in a formal arrangement.

Of course, Economy is my prime entity,

With the entire network of producers, distributors and consumers of goods and services in a local, regional or national community.

Money gives me financial freedom,

Fulfils my dreams and frees me of boredom.

Banking is the industry that handles cash, credit and other financial transactions.

It’s a job of great satisfaction.

With Law, many I could save,

Following the rules of conduct given by the government, to bring order in the way society behaves.

Cost and Management Accountant, Chartered Accountancy, Certified Financial Planner and Company Secretary, These are few of the many choices,

I get in Commerce, as preferences.

Hotel Management may be a liking,

And for some, a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

It could also be a Bachelors in Business Administration,

Or a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

From this wide array in Commerce,

I’m sure to make it big, in this diverse.

Now that I know, where my heart lies,

I’m ready to soar the Commerce skies.

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