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Aarohi Ghaste

Gooood mooorning missss.” The monotonous way we wished our teachers is the first thing I recall about school.

Bombay Scottish School is like my second home, where exciting memories are created, comfort is experienced and lifelong friendships are forged. Unfortunately, we have not physically visited this home for over a year. Having not seen each other for such a long time either, let's revisit school through the memories we share!

One of my favourite school events is the Annual Concert held in December. Every class is decorated beautifully and Santa Claus stands by gate number 3! A new and magical aura is created through all the excitement and dancing. This is the time where dancers and non-dancers are one and the same! We practise in the Gamaliel Hall, Andrews Hall, basketball court and classrooms tirelessly till concert day, where everyone shows up wearing make-up and fancy costumes, and goodbyes are said till we all reunite in the new year.

Another favourite, and much-awaited, is the Senior Sports Day at Priyadarshini Park, where everyone delivers their best and strives to win the House Cup! Cheering during Tug-of-War, bonding with everyone, and feeling proud of any house win, made our Scottish Sports Days unforgettable. Another memory I associate with school is the crowd at 3 p.m. outside Harish Frankie and Prasad Bakery! I was so thankful for these stores after a tiring day at school. I still wonder how they handled our crowd!

Talking about school, I realise that its role in my life cannot be expressed in words. Each one of us grew up here. We learnt something new every day. Without school, I would have neither great memories to cherish nor friends to keep forever. I thank Scottish for such a wonderful experience through all the years and look forward to coming back and spending more such times!

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