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Revisiting Scottish: “A Humbling Experience”.

The word ‘Scottish’ brings to my mind the word ‘home’. This institution was where I spent 12 long years of my life. The people I met and the relationships forged, remain with me to date.

This journey was, is and will be a very important part of my life and will remain in my heart forever. The teachers, students, staff and coaches, all had a significant impact on my development as an individual. The happiest moments for me were waking up early in the morning at the crack of dawn for football coaching. I still remember my coaches telling me to practice until I had no more energy left. Anthony Sir is someone I look up to and will always be inspired by his passion for the game.

The school celebrated many events like ‘The Annual Concert’, ‘The Scottish MUN’, ‘The Annual Sports Day’. When December came, all students were ready for one of the best times of school life; The Annual Concert. This is because none of us would have to study. We would just practice and have fun the entire day at school. The continuous rehearsals and competitive spirit amongst different sections of various grades made it an even more exciting and enjoyable experience. The final performance was the day we had been practicing for when our parents would come and watch us showcase our stellar dance performances.

The Annual Sports Day was my personal favourite amongst all the other events. I was part of many field events like the 100m, 200m, 400m and the team relay. All the athletes were ready to perform to the best of their ability in order to win medals and trophies. The competitive spirit amongst the four houses created an atmosphere of thrill and enthusiasm. The blowing of the whistle for races to begin, the march past and drills from our juniors are some of the memories I recollect from the past.

Bombay Scottish School Mahim is still a home for me and my experiences there will be an integral part of my life forever. I will always have a vision of the school in my mind and the friends I have made will remain for a lifetime. I wish I could come back to the school and relive my days of football and fun at this esteemed institution.

– Rishabh Joshi (10th Grade Class of 2018)


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