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Revisiting Scottish

Rhea Chavan

Scottish has always been a safe and sheltered place for me. As a kid, I was this extroverted and overly courageous bold little girl waiting to conquer the world BUT THEN came teenage life and along with it a million insecurities which ate me up as a being. However, Scottish was always there to bring me out of my bubble of foreboding and apprehensions.

Right from my welcoming teachers to my supremely talented classmates, what an unparalleled and priceless journey it has been! I vividly remember each and every morning, where I would come to class way too early and would have to awkwardly wait around for all my friends to reach. Then our short breaks which were a bit too short because we barely took the snack box out and recovered from the third period’s padhai and by then, break over! And who can ever forget the PT classes which were almost everyone’s most liked period?

Then we had our lunch breaks-THE BEST 45 MINS EVER (except the days prior to submissions). I don’t even think people ever ate their lunch, and if you did, then good for you is all I can say. Playing football with Nimkar Sir or watching all the sirs play volleyball on the basketball court (laughs in irony) was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining things.

Bunking classes and never getting caught because teachers were busy finishing ICSE portion, was the best part of school.

My heart genuinely aches for all the batches that are missing these experiences, but we hope that the world will heal as soon as possible and that everything can get back to the way it used to be. The blue building, the field (where the extravagant stage used to be put up every year during our concert), the Gamaliel hall (the only hall where we would have the rare bliss of the AC), the washrooms (aka the gossip hub), Founder’s Day (every child's acting career began from here: all of us have attempted to faint or run away at least once I’m sure) and each and every event held in our school from the Open Day, to the Teacher’s Day - all of these episodes bring back some ineffaceable memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. We can proudly say this school has given us so much and I hope we will be able to repay it in times to come.




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