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Reasons To Love Jane Austen

I know what you’re thinking. That Jane Austen can only be enjoyed by history buffs, literary nerds and the more senior inhabitants of our society. I cannot begin to express how wrong you are. Let me put it to you this way… You know how, when you’re discussing the magical, phenomenal, incredible world of Harry Potter with your friends, and the poor Muggle of your group just stands there, blinking? And you have no idea how to explain just how wonderful the series is, so you fervently urge them to just read the books already! That is pretty much how Janeites of all ages feel about Austen’s novels, while the rest of their peers remain oblivious to this literary genius. And, just as your Muggle friend finally picked up the book and was swept into the fandom, I can guarantee that you will discover an intense love for Jane Austen. Now the thing with Austen’s novels is that, as you probably know, they were written about 200 years ago. You would think that leaves us absolutely nothing in common with that generation, but it would surprise you how immensely relatable and funny her novels can be. Yes, her novels are primarily romance, and yes, they are written in the old-fashioned, formal style of writing. Despite that, I promise that you will easily get accustomed to her writing style. Her narration is positively dripping with sarcasm and filled with passive-aggressive digs at the society she grew up in. For example, her novel, Pride and Prejudice, begins with the famous line: “It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” Honestly, I cannot think anyone could be even remotely serious while writing that line. Aside from her revered style of writing, Austen created brilliant characters, each with their own sets of flaws and strengths. They are all relateable in their own ways, and she expresses such a powerful message through all of them. You might find her plotlines to be cliché and predictable, but that’s only because a majority of pop culture is based on her novels. In case you do not find yourself enamoured by her characters and stories (which I highly doubt), you could always try reading retellings of her books, or even (*sigh*) watch the movie adaptations. I could possibly find it in my heart to forgive you. Her novels feature relatable, strong- willed, often rebellious teenagers, and confident, dashing heroes, who sometimes make you want to punch them. But that’s okay, because, come on! He’s Mr. Darcy. You have to love him. Although, I can’t decide between him and Captain Wentworth. They’re just… so… *screams*. You’ll see. -Joanna V, 11-B

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