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Non-Profit Initiative

Founders: Auroni Gupta, Anishka Daga and Sanjana Shenai

‘Project Urja’ is a non-profit initiative started by Auroni Gupta, Anishka Daga and Sanjana Shenai of Grade 11 at Bombay Scottish, in collaboration with an NGO called ‘The Raah Foundation’.

This project is centred around women’s entrepreneurship, female education and gender equality. It started as something we were simply passionate about, but it turned into so much more when we realised the impact it had on these pioneering, empowered women. They felt heard and supported, which is all the fuel they need, to chase success.

After several hours of deliberation over colour schemes and names for our initiative, we created a website where we write weekly blogs on different aspects of rural culture, women empowerment and the NGO we work with.

Our main goal is to raise awareness about the existing inequality and give a voice to these strong, zealous women to tell their story, speak about their narrow minded environment and the circumstances they live in, eventually with the hope of transfiguring our backward rural society.

The NGO, ‘Raah Foundation’, provides part capital to these women to set up their businesses. These women have been able to achieve financial independence as well as a fulfilling outlook on life. We’ve been posting more fast-paced content on our Instagram page as quick, informational reads for people. This month, we received over 30 volunteer applications from Delhi, Noida, Pune and Mumbai! It was surreal to see people (who we didn’t even know) apply with such enthusiasm for the cause! We’d love it if you’d check our website, Instagram and Linkedin pages!

Our blogging website

Our Instagram page

Our Linkedin page.

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