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Non-profit Crowdfunding Initiative Driven by: Joshua D’Souza, Anusha Guha, Katheryn Matthews, Samuel Noakes.

This project was started by Joshua D’Souza, Anusha Guha, Katheryn Matthews and Samuel Noakes to help the underprivileged (domestic helpers, car drivers etc.) during the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Many underprivileged people have lost their jobs and are unable to pay for their food/accommodation. The situation in India is severe. Some of them even go to bed every day without eating anything. Some children have passed away because of the lack of food. This entire project was built to help them so that they do not have to worry about their “raashan” for at least a month. There were 5 essential and important steps: 1. Crowdfunding 2. Ordering the contents of the essentials kit 3. Segregation of the Goods 4. Registration of families 5. Distribution The contents of the package included 2kg Atta, 2kg Rice, Salt and 1kg Dal. Each family received one essentials kit to help them tide over the uncertain times. Each package was worth Rs 280. We had all the details laid out, estimated the cost and set a goal for our fundraiser. We successfully surpassed our goal by a huge margin and collected Rs.64,000, with which we fed 178 families from Tunga village and gave 40 packages to an old age home in need of help. A total of 218 families were impacted by this initiative. We collaborated with the GOOD SHARE FOUNDATION to support our crowdfunding.

The E-Flyer :

The Unloading, Arranging & Distribution of Packages:

Inspiration Behind Project Ulaas :

Here is a video made by our team showing how critical the conditions in our country are. We had sent this video along with our WhatsApp messages and e-Flyers for viewers to see as well. Project Ulaas Fundraiser Video:

This is one of the news clippings we were featured in :

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