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Powai to Mahim: My chaotic journey

It’s a widely known fact in the ISC section that if you ever mutter a bad word about ‘Scottish Powai, a wild Ex Powai student will appear with a 25 slide power-point presentation about how Powai is the best of the best and a lot of “SHAAN BHATT AND SIYONA SAMUEL ARE FROM POWAI AND THEY’RE SOME OF MAHIM’S BEST SCHOOL CAPTAINS, HA!”. Yet, despite all the petty Mahim vs Powai arguments that traverse the halls of the fifth floor of the Eastern Block, I can also guarantee you that if it comes down to it, each of these Ex Powai students will defend Mahim’s honor like they’ve always belonged here. Don’t get me wrong, the transition from Powai to Mahim was certainly not an easy one. It consisted of a lot of awkward small talks, the overwhelming realization that ISC Humanities is not something for the light of spirit, trying to figure out how to exactly work around my social skills (or its lack thereof, in my situation) and more importantly WHY DOES THE COMMUTE HAVE TO BE SO LONG?? I can’t say for sure that if it weren’t for my amazing teachers and their invigorating and thought- provoking classes I would have continued at Mahim but I thank all my stars that I did. Because, Bombay Scottish Mahim was the place where I found my voice. You know that cheesy moment in films where the girl meets the love interest for the first time and the compact just clicks and they know it’s for forever? Well, that was the basis for almost all my friendships here at Mahim. A school which I stereotyped to be full of your “high school cliques” and snooty “South Bombay types” led me to meeting some of the most genuine and down to earth people I’ve encountered in my life. When asked about the best parts of ‘Scottish Mahim I could give you many answers. The amazing exposure, the skilful staff of teachers who will always and I mean always push you to give your best and trust your ability to be spectacular, that amazing campus overflowing with history so rich, it overwhelms you, the high-end productions for the Inter-house dramatics because damn if those video walls aren’t the coolest things in the world. All of the above the accounted for, the Best part of Bombay Scottish are its people… These people who were nurtured, some since kindergarten, within the walls of this school to become the best versions of themselves while still maintaining the humility and integrity of a true Scottishite. These people who created an environment that is welcome to everyone but also isn’t afraid to challenge your beliefs and values… A place where I learned true confidence. Suddenly the small talks weren’t nearly as bad, ISC Humanities wasn’t as horrible a wall to climb as Trump’s is, I was surrounded by people I adored and trusted and that commute is still exhausting but at least it’s leading me to a place where my heart belongs.

-Gaurika Mathur

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