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My School : My Motivation

I could never believe that my friends and I would have online school for more than a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world at large but more importantly, my school, Bombay Scottish as well. For the first time, our Principal and teachers had to switch to the online mode which was unusual as school is normally done in person. I love Bombay Scottish and my teachers, and going to school was the best thing in my life. I loved playing with my friends during breaks and learning about interesting things. Many of us never realised the value of physical schooling and its experience, and we took it for granted. I discovered this during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was going somewhere one day when a poor boy knocked on the car window. I felt really bad and gave him some food that I was carrying. Back at home, I started wondering about many such children who could not afford to go to any kind of school, online or not. I remembered something that my teacher had told me before the school closed. She said that we should always help the needy in any way we can by donating food, clothes and old books and be kind to them. Whenever I thought of that boy, my teacher's words constantly came to my mind. During the lockdown, I had learnt how to bake for the first time and after many attempts, I started doing a good job independently. So I asked friends and family if they would like to order any cakes. I donated the money which I collected from this initiative for underprivileged children’s shelter and their education. I was very satisfied as I earned and donated a decent amount of money that helped a lot of children. Soon, we found out that COVID-19 took away the jobs of all our bus didis and drivers since we were not going to school anymore. Many children from my grade started collecting money for them and I did my bit by baking. I was happy that we helped so many individuals and that my school taught me something that applied in tough situations in real life and has made me very humble. I really wish for all children to be able to attend school in any form and get a good education, like the kind I receive at Bombay Scottish.

-Vivaan Balvally


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