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Meghnad Desai

We, the economics students of the ISC section, considered ourselves very fortunate when we met Dr. Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of the RBI. However, the gifts didn’t end there because then we had the honour of meeting Lord Meghnad Desai, an economics genius. Lord Desai made us feel extremely comfortable with his welcoming demeanour as he gave us an insight into his personal journey, spanning right from his childhood to the very present day. Through his anecdotes we learned a lot about him. We learned that as an honest and confused youth from a humble background and not a premiere school, hard work, dedication and determination helped him reach great heights. A teacher himself, he was able to break down the answers in such simple ways that it was perceivable by us and made the seminar even more interesting. With his captivating powers, he had our undivided attention, engaging us all in his rather fun, up-beat talks. Even though we only got the tip of the iceberg of his unique perspectives, we were still enchanted by them. He has formed a very deep impression upon us, only adding on to our list of inspirational idols to look up to. It was truly an honor to meet this great man and we have all taken so much back from this experience.

-Shaivi Shrivastav  11A


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