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Leadership Program

I recently visited the University of Notre Dame, Indiana for a two-week leadership program called iLED (International Leadership, Enrichment and Development). The iLED program provided a unique opportunity to me, for high school students from around the world to explore the various academic fields of study at Notre Dame. The College of Engineering, College of Science, Mendoza College of Business, College of Arts & Letters, and the School of Architecture delivered a two-week curriculum that included lectures and experiential learning with a focus on international leadership.

We had some extremely brilliant courses such as Personal Branding and the Leadership Seminar; our longest running course at the program was a definite highlight. Even the engineering courses were extremely fun.

The programme also included a trip to Chicago, where we visited the Shedd Aquarium, Millennium Park and ate the famous deep-dish pizza of Chicago, which is as thick as pie!

It was one of the most memorable and culturally-enhancing experiences of my life, and a trip that allowed me to meet people and form relationships I would never have thought myself capable of in a million years.

–Aditi Nagpal 12B

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