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Juhi Punjabi

Scottish played a significant role in helping me grow up and become somewhat, if not completely, well-rounded. My personality underwent a significant change and school acted as a catalyst for that change. ISC helped me grow fully before I ventured out into the real world. Getting the opportunity to be a part of such an esteemed institution, I’m certain, was a life-changing experience for all the students. I’ve always thought that ‘failure is the stepping stone to success’ was the cheesiest dialogue ever, but after experiencing a fair share of both highs and lows, I have to say that it’s a dialogue that will hold true in everyone’s lives. It’s a universal fact that nothing is smooth sailing. But the people that surround you make the experience much better.

I have to give thanks to Scottish for so much. I used to be afraid of everything, and not believe in myself enough, but school was an environment that always made me trust my potential a little more. Perseverance, a word that has an integral part in our school motto, has become an integral part of my outlook towards anything in life. I look at school through a lens of gratitude. I never did very well in science or math and was always worried that it would take me longer to find what I was truly capable of doing, and what made me happy. Little did I know, it would only take a single psychology class in ISC for me to know exactly what direction I wanted my life to go in.

School also helped me forge so many unbreakable bonds, not only with my classmates but also with my teacher, who to this day, I can’t thank enough. The classmates I never spoke to or the teachers that never taught me also had some type of impact on me but perhaps I won’t be able to single out an aspect of my personality that they helped shape. Who I am today is an amalgamation of the unforgettable experiences I’ve had and memories I’ve made at Scottish.

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