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India's Emergency Response Community

Scottish Volunteer: Nishhay Nichani

I am Nishhay Nichani, a proud student of grade 9, and I am a part of the IndiaShield Group, which is a group of over 1,400 volunteers helping patients acquire resources and requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide helpless patients with contact details of available beds, oxygen concentrators and ventilators through our wide network of volunteers and in-depth verification and research.

I have helped several people and I am not only the only participant from Bombay Scottish School, Mahim but also the only student part of the core team at IndiaShield. In order to help people in a more systematic manner, IndiaShield was divided into 4 regions across India (North, South, East and West), each one with a core leadership team.

The core team comprises about 20 people. I am delighted I was selected to be a part of the core team for the West region due to my previous hardwork and commitment towards helping people in need during these crunch times, when resources remain incredibly limited. My role is to verify and add leads on a daily basis and also help patients in need.

I am glad I was able to contribute towards helping those in need during these hard times that our country is experiencing.

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