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Halloween Horrors

It was Halloween night. The driveways were adorned with carved pumpkins and terrifying decorations.  As kids counted the treats they received that night and the lights went out of the jack-o-lanterns, two teenagers, Ray and John, roamed the streets of Georgetown. It was eerie roaming around so late on Halloween night with no one in sight. Being out on Halloween night at such a time, when the spirits were supposed to be roaming around , enticed them. As they were strolling down a street , they noticed a light shine across. John was hesitant to go towards the light but Ray encouraged him saying that they would never know what lay ahead of them. They headed towards the lit area. The light  was coming from the ancients theatre that had once burned down. There they saw men in formal attire and women dressed in heavy gowns with elaborately done up hair. John thought  it was a Halloween party but things became weird when a lady with powdered skin and blood red lips walked through Ray. Ray yelled as loudly as he could and expected a reaction from the surrounding crowd but everybody remained oblivious to him. They all were pouring into the theatre for some show which had posters put up on the outside wall. Ray and John crept into the theatre with them and saw a grand and phenomenally decorated auditorium with red drapes and an ebony stage. They made their way backstage to see the lead actress puffing her face with white powder and brushing blush over her cheeks. A tall man with a short beard soon entered her dressing room and they started to have a heated discussion. The star didn’t wish to marry him but he was so in love with her. He had this passion in his eyes that was inexplainable. John was terrified after his experience with the medieval ghosts. But Ray persisted. The show soon began and Ray and John meandered among the audience but something peculiar caught their eye. The tall man with the short beard walked down the aisles pouring something out of a can and went to the entrance of the theatre and lit a match. In a minute, roaring flames were swallowing the theatre. Though these flames were virtual and couldn’t effect John and Ray, they reacted to it with the same intensity as they would have normally. People were screaming and crying and were running for their life. John and Ray ran out with the ghostly audience .They soon come to the town square where it was only them and they looked at each other realising they had experienced the night the theatre had burned down…

-Tanisha Sinha, 10A

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