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Goodbye One Last Time

As the day comes closer, be it the girls or the boys, the adrenaline rush begins. Farewell is more than a designated day to say goodbye. It’s more than wearing sarees and suits, looking about ready to hit the ramp instead of walking into the same place where just yesterday you were wearing ugly uniforms that don’t fit right. It’s more than dancing, more than free food, more than report cards (who really wants those anyway?) and more than clicking squad pictures. Farewell is leaving your world behind and bidding adieu to everything in it. Farewell is stepping into the big bad world you had been warned about. So much hangs precariously in the balance, but little can weigh you down except perhaps the sorrow of today and the nostalgia you’ll feel tomorrow. You’ve packed your bags with as many memories as you can. As sarees are chosen and ties are matched with utmost concentration and the determination to flood social media with their pictures.The madness begins as soon as everyone reaches school and begins praising each other because they realise that it will probably be the last day to do that. Entering the Gamaliel Hall, you listen to your fellow batch mates giving their speeches as valedictorians, making their audience teary, and as you sit there together as one batch, united in that moment, that moment makes you realize it’s time to leave. It’s in that moment, that you feel like reaching out to your juniors urging them to make the most of their time here, do everything they’ve ever wanted to, and take in the benefits of being a Scottishite, while they can. The excitement of beginning a new journey, the sorrow of leaving behind the best years of your life, the tears mixed with the joy and the cozy hugs mixed with the long goodbyes is what makes farewell an emotional, special and unforgettable experience in itself.

– Komal Wani and Zara Humranwala, 11A

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