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Going Back

Shreya Upadhyay.

The halls we’ve walked since we were four,

We will walk those halls again.

With heavy bags we’ll climb up to our floors,

Joke around and laugh and talk, again.

We’ll play sakhli, kho-kho, catch-catch,

And run around the banyan tree again.

There’s no energy that could ever match

A new class on the first day of school, again.

After the Singing Contest and Sports Day,

We’ll fight about which house is better, again.

We’ll be upset about fun periods being taken away,

When teachers have to finish the portion, again.

We’ll cover the black-board with messages on Teachers’ Day,

And spend hours decorating the outside board, again.

In the lunch break, when everyone goes to play,

Giggles and shrieks will fill our ears again.

In December, we’ll go around the whole school,

Finding places to perfect dance routines, again.

My heart fills with joy while I think about when,

We’ll all go back to school again.


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