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Food Donation Drive

By Alaiha Vanjara

The lockdown has impacted millions, leaving them without basic necessities. Out of these, character artists have been badly affected. It has had a dreadful impact on them leaving them without food, water, and any hope for a better tomorrow. They are struggling to eat one square meal a day and a few are even succumbing to their hunger.

On hearing this news, I was extremely distraught and I really wanted to do something that could create a positive change in their lives. Through my own organization, ‘Alaiha Supports Life’, I conducted a food donation drive for character artists and their families.

I began by reaching out to close relatives and friends who helped us spread the word. Social Media platforms enabled me to rope in more people, even strangers!

Most of the products were ordered through Amazon and sent directly to the distributor’s house. I was in constant touch with the distributor and was receiving regular updates and even pictures of the amount of food grains and the number of families we managed to help.

Through various generous donors who sent food grains and medicines across, I was able to collect over 300 kgs of aata, 250 kgs of rice, 150 litres of oil, 125 kgs of dal, 120 kgs of sugar, 112 kgs of salt, 110 kgs of tea, 1600 sanitary pads and 6 bags of medicines worth Rs. 30000 which included eye drops, paracetamols, pain relief medicines etc and through this we were able to support over 100 families with various essentials.


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