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Exchange Programe

Four students of our school, Riya Sharma, Siyona Samuel, Aryan Singh and Aditya Ravi Swami had the privilege of going to the USA for a student exchange programme, for two weeks. They were accompanied by Miss Pawar and their destination was Fauquier County in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Their experience involved immersing themselves in the american way of life. They attended Kettle Run, Fauquier High and Liberty High School and attended classes like US Government, English, Theatre and Earth Sciences. 📷

A trip abroad is incomplete without sightseeing. The students visited the Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. They had the opportunity to interact with Judge Marshall, who kindly allowed the students to sit in on a local case. The students’ experience would not have been the same without their hospitable host families, who made sure that thier stay was full of fun, entertainment and American food.Riya, Siyona, Aryan and Aditya have returned, enriched and it is hoped that many students have such opportunities in the future.

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