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Non-Profit Initiative

Founders: Srishti Rakhecha, Zarah Martin, Rhea D’Souza, Ronak Daniel

We are a group of 5 students in Grade 11 looking to make a change, starting from the very roots of our country. For this year we have tied up with The Raah Foundation, an organization helping bring change in the lifestyle of the tribal communities of the Palghar district in Maharashtra. The two talukas that we are focusing on are Jawhar and Mokada.

With Covid - 19 hitting, things have taken a turn for the worse and we want to make their lives a little less stressful by helping them in any way required. For this very reason, we plan to carry out our projects under the programmes already set by the Raah Foundation.

We have planned out food drives, fundraisers, awareness sessions not only for the tribals but also for everyone else. There are six programmes in total- Soukhya, Krishi, Malhar, Srushti, Urja, Adhikala- under which we have come up with at least two projects.

The tribal communities of India have a rich heritage that is being lost along with the tribals themselves. Our main aim is to provide them with things that modernize their life while ensuring that the true essence of who they are is well-preserved.

Learn more about our projects on our Instagram page: @ethnicroots_2021

Here’s a sneak peek into our upcoming projects:

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