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Doctor Strange

I have been waiting for Dr. Strange to release since so long and now that it is here, I have to say that it didn’t disappoint! It is one of the best Marvel films I have watched to date. Dr. Strange has it all: humour, sarcasm, a thrilling climax with plot twists that will take you to the edge of your seat, but most of all, it does justice to the comics, which is what every super hero fan is looking for. I was left wanting more.  Even the humour in this superhero movie had a ‘strange’ way of hooking me in. Dr. Strange is an egoistic, arrogant neurosurgeon and the king of sarcasm. Benedict Cumberbatch, our very own Sherlock and the perfect actor for this role, portrays him to be the best snarky alien-magician ever. He is basically a cross between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.  However, his cool and haughty attitude quickly changes when he loses the use of his hands to a car accident. Unable to accept this, he embarks on a journey of healing and instead, finds himself in a world of the mystic arts. After all the modern medicines fail to heal him, Strange goes to look for a solution at Kamar Taj, a community of sorcerers in Kathmandu, Nepal, training to protect the world, and healing themselves. He was exactly whom the Ancient One(Master of the mystic arts) was looking for. He trains, and we see him progressively change from an arrogant and selfish neurosurgeon to a brave and selfless sorcerer. However, even before his training is over, he is forced to face the evil and, in my opinion, slightly delusional Kaecilluis, a follower of Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension. This movie shares quite a few similarities with The Matrix: the reluctant chosen one, the mystic guide who educates the said chosen one, the megalomaniac super-villain who wants more power for himself and the generally ignorant public who are completely unaware of the magic around them. One of the best features of this film would have to be the visual effects, a delight for the fans of comic book artist, Steve Ditko’s iconic work. More than two thirds of the movie is solely comprised of different types of effects. The best scenes in the movie were when the Ancient One exposes Strange to the Multiverse and the battle in the end. I won’t reveal details, tempting as it is, but believe me, it is a feast for the eyes. The humour, which adds to the entertainment factor to the movie, had me doubling over with laughter. The mid-credit scene of the movie was hilarious, too. It shows Dr. Strange with Thor who has a self-refilling beer mug. It basically hinted towards a Dr. Strange cameo in Thor: Ragnorak, which I am extremely excited for! And the last scenes were what I was most excited for as the good sorcerer who trains with the Doctor, eventually turns bad. This isn’t really a spoiler, as Mordo is evil in the comics, so don’t get mad at me!

The thing I love most about Dr. Strange is that it is unlike any of the other Marvel films. It’s the first of its kind as it involves magic. All the actors did a tremendous job. I couldn’t find any fault in the casting. Even though the Ancient One was supposed to be an Asian male, Tilda Swinton plays the eclectic role perfectly. People out there may hunt for flaws in the movie, but for me this movie was completely flawless, and by far my favourite super hero film including all those from the Marvel Universe and DC Universe.

- Sabah Mehta

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