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DJ Khaled

It’s not every day, when you see a gracefully bulky man riding ski jets, radiating positivity free of cost, and inspiring you to achieve greater heights and overcoming the impossible; however, when you do so stumble on a particular ‘djkhaled305’ username on Snapchat, you come across the extraordinary and end up exposing yourself to a person – a person who allows you to be unique and stay away from ‘They’, the ones who don’t want you to win and succeed. Many may feel saturated from the constant reminders Mr Khaled has to offer, so much so, that they nearly press the “Block”button. However, whenever you try to do so, the lovely positivity of this Palestinian beauty stops the negative thoughts from culminating into a greater sin, allowing him to stay on your feed for another two weeks. The man resembles a giant egg roll covered in bling, carrying an air of tranquillity and royalty that allows you to slip into a positively enforced drive. The monotonous egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken sausage and the ritualistic water diet, is often presented with disturbing close-ups of Chef Dee. Next is a specially filmed workout routine, that forces you to get out of the bed and take up the most convenient exercise. This man makes everything look so easy and inspirational that ‘all one wants to do is win’.

A role model for the youth and a constant advocate for equality, Mr Khaled’s campaign and portrayal of the American Life is ‘BOOMIN’. The world we live in today is plagued with incessant cursing and humiliation of our Mother Nature;however, the same is not seen in Mr Khaled, who shamlessly and patriotically announces his love for his MAMA and waters the greener grass, which one should always strive to achieve, no matter what. Personally speaking, Mr Khaled is not only a role model but also a legend in his own way. With 6 million subscribers on Snapchat, Mr Khaled is doing the inevitable- creating a dramatic revolution of motivation and positivity, which the world is currently deprived of. What we need immediately is not Donald Trump’s aggressive policies or Hillary Clinton’s trump card. What we need is tickets to DJ Khaled’s recent concert collaboration with the mysteriously wicked Beyonce (No ill feelings intended, but she does carry that vibe).From an underground artist, to a pop culture icon, DJ Khaled’s journey filled with intense emotion and royalty is creating wonders and motivating people like Mr Trump and Rakhi Sawant to pursue a career in politics. The man is not only an inspirational speaker, but also a talented businessman, an iconic artist, and more importantly JAY-Z’s boss. We need more people like Dj Khaled, who are ready to take risks and break out of the traditional stereotypes and social stigma which has looked down upon enthusiastic and unique people, long curtailed individuality and snatched away the right to express oneself clearly, boldly and lovingly, often bottling up the real emotions and the truth. By propagating his personal experiences and takes on life, the 40-year-old record producer and multifaceted Arab has driven and united the world for one ultimate objective, ‘TO STAY AWAY FROM THEY AND TO RIDE WITH HIM THROUGH THE JOURNEY OF SUCCESS’.

-Siddhant Sharma 12A


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