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Captain Scottish

It's been a week since. Things started settling in just recently for the lad. He’s never had to shake hands with so many members of the school staff (most of them he still doesn’t know :$) in the same week. Even today a few middle school students ‘saluted’ him as he passed by. After that first assembly, the one in which he had to stand onstage, he’s been bludgeoned with advice on his posture. The other day, a member of the faculty came up to him and said, “Boy, you need a pair of pants that fit you well.” Yes, it's been a blur, that week has, it's been a blur since it's very onset. This may not be new to him, but it sure is equally as exciting yet intimidating as the first. Here’s a little bit of background; Shaan Bhatt is a normal High School attending individual, currently donning a rather sensational haircut one must point out, who recently got certain powers vested unto him, but does that change who he his? NO. You’ll still find him goofing about in the corridors of the 5th floor during lunch time or cracking the occasional cheesy joke during a lecture. Nevertheless, the young boy is now hard at work, transforming into a more assertive and authoritative self, at least we hope he is. It's been a bizarre week for him since students have been chanting the word 'captain' almost every time they see him and some really *merciful* teachers have not once missed a chance to pull his leg along with some wise words for the path ahead. Mentally, he sure is ABSOLUTELY calm and composed, this is a necessary requirement when there’s a great lot expected from you, everyone is watching you, studying you and imitating you. With a lot to look forward to (and hold on to), he is now in a state of extreme retrospection. With a lot of promises to uphold, we wish him all the best of luck. Disclaimer: He has promised to not control whatever we write about him, therefore this article was *not at all* censored/edited or written by him.

- Not Him


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