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Arnav Singh

Scottish enclosed us within more than just its four walls. It enclosed us in a safe space that permitted our passions to thrive and provided us with the exposure that each one of us needed to survive amidst the rat race held in the real world. Scottish has never failed to acknowledge our talents and our interests. This is precisely why each one of us believes it to be our second home. In the course of my last year as a Scottishite, ‘Scottish Spotlight’, the event held on Children’s Day, was the icing on the cake! Never had we ever seen it be celebrated with so much involvement, zeal, and creativity. The number of events was endless and Scottish spread its wings across all ends of the creative spectrum. One of the most unique events, ROFL (Stand-Up Comedy), one of my favourite forms of art, created a magnetic field like no other event ever has. Although there were only a few participants, I was motivated to try something new. No fear crept in, and I was more open-minded than ever before. Stand up comedy is now a more frequent hobby of mine. For which, I am forever grateful to Scottish. But then again, that is what Bombay Scottish School has always been about, preparing us for the outside world, helping us find our passions, and unlocking new arenas we never saw ourselves in.

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