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Aman Zaveri

Being a part of the outgoing ISC Batch of 2021, I can’t help but feel anxious awaiting my Board examination results. However, there is a feeling that overpowers this anxiety. The grim reminder that in a month’s time I move from being a Scottishite to an ‘Ex’ Scottishite. The difference may seem to be a trivial two-letter word, but for someone who has spent a large part of his childhood and teenage years at this prestigious institution, it certainly means a great deal more!

I joined Bombay Scottish School in the Sr. Kg, as one of the 250 odd students that got admitted each admission cycle. Since then it’s been an incredible journey! My two-year stint with the school football team, Inter-House Dramatics and Debate competitions, organising the first-ever online, Inter-School Model United Nations Conference ( SMUN ’20 ), being a part of the Student Council at Scottish and many more of such humbling experiences which have shaped my character and moulded my personality.

Be it the banyan tree, the school ground, the old & new buildings, the dedicated teachers, the support staff or the amazing friends that I have made, each one occupies a special place in my heart. I now have teachers to seek guidance from, friends to lean on and memories to cherish forever. I owe it all to Scottish.

As I step out of my second home into the real world as a well-rounded individual ( even physically 🤪 ), I will strive to make my alma mater proud, always!

Aman Zaveri

ISC Batch of 2021 ♥️😎

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