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Aarya Gadkari

I was lucky enough to be part of Scottish not once but twice. First from Jr.KG till the 2nd Standard, post which I migrated to another country, but eventually came back, and then from the 7th Standard till the ISC. You could almost say I was destined to be in Scottish. To this date, I will always admit that my school years were the best years of my life, which I am sure would apply to any Scottishite. The friends I made in school are still some of the closest people I know, and the lessons my teachers taught me have stayed with me to date. It’s strange that because of the pandemic, not many students have been able to have almost two years of school life physically present at school, and I don’t even want to begin to imagine how that feels. Bombay Scottish School has kept me grounded and has enabled me to put in my best at everything I do. Hopefully, one day, when things get better, I’ll be able to visit soon like all of us did on Founders' Day. No matter where I am, Scottish will always hold a special place in my heart.

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