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A Committed Crime

A Committed Crime

Hands full of blood, with a blade that scared,

Breathless moments, and eyes that glared.

Frightened, soaked with sweat and dust,

Within a second, I had broken that long-lived trust.

I tried hard, but not with all that I had,

To the flickering a spark I couldn't add.

I couldn't make use of the moment I was given,

Unsettled, towards bloodshed I was driven.

I slashed through, with shivering hands,

To this day, deep inside me a huge guilt stands.

All I wish there was an epiphany to warn,

That would stop a sin in the light of dawn.

Helpless and afraid, I should've listened to her,

For now, I regret, I've committed a murder.


An Unspoken Affliction

On my mind, a huge burden

Each breath, very uncertain.

My body, trembling with fright,

Nobody to say, "It's alright."

Hopes are lost, dreams are gone

No spirit to utter, "Hold on!"

Crawling inside, deep in my heart

Everything has shattered, fallen


Lost in a room so dark and lonely

Nobody to help, I am the only.


- Sarah Mody

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