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A Glimpse into the Scottish IYP

Photograph of the participants of the Scottish IYP

In a dialogue reminiscent of the friendship of a hit TV show, the heads of the

Organising Committee for the Scottish Indian Youth Parliament (lovingly branded IYP)

candidly shared their perspectives on their experiences and high hopes for the

imminent event. With the Lok Sabha's focus on the contentious issue of media

censorship in India, and the Rajya Sabha setting its sights on India's impending G20

presidency, these committee revelations provide a tantalizing peek into the fervor and

eagerness surrounding this exceptional platform.

Reimagining 'Friends': A Voyage Fueled by Unity

Picture the Organising Committee of an event as a cast of characters drawn from the

cherished sitcom "Friends." This analogy transcends the realm of imagination for the

Deputy Head, Dia Agarwal, who playfully likened their journey to a real-life

embodiment of the show's camaraderie. The bond within the committee is underscored

by the resonating chords of the theme song "I'll Be There for You," epitomizing the

collective resolve to orchestrate a triumphant event. From brainstorming sessions that

stretch into the night to strategic meetings that defy the clock, the committee

members have woven a bona fide connection, evident not only in their shared vision

but also in the seamless embrace of each other's strengths and idiosyncrasies, a

mirror of the adored TV friendships.

Lok Sabha: Media Censorship in India

The vexing specter of media censorship, a topic of global disquiet, finds itself squarely

in the crosshairs of the Indian Youth Parliament. Animated by the conviction that

candid discourse and dissent lie at the heart of a robust democracy, the committee

espouses the view that a free press is a bedrock for government accountability and an

informed citizenry. The spotlight remains fixed on the Lok Sabha agenda, as the

Indian Youth Parliament endeavors to furnish a dais for impassioned dialogues

regarding media censorship in India. The committee envisions a constellation of

eminent journalists, media pundits, and legal luminaries gracing the occasion,

enriching delegates with multidimensional insights into the intricate nuances of this


Rajya Sabha: India's G20 Presidency

Shifting gears to the Rajya Sabha, the focus converges on India's impending

presidency of the G20. With the global crisis of climate change, economic disparages,

and international cooperation looming large, the committee is poised to steer riveting

discussions that contemplate India's mantle as a vanguard on the global stage.

Recognizing the G20 presidency as a potent opportunity to showcase India's resolute

commitment to grappling with pressing worldwide concerns, the organising committee

remains resolute in its mission.

Anticipating Fiery Speeches

As the guest list takes shape for this monumental event, the spotlight trains on two

towering figures: Shri Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Renowned for their

impassioned oratory, these political luminaries are expected to infuse gravitas into the

proceedings. Given their track record of vociferous and often vehement debates on the

political stage, the committee envisions a dynamic exchange of impassioned

addresses, capable of galvanizing delegates. The anticipated juxtaposition of their

viewpoints promises to ignite vibrant debates and ignite contemplative conversations

among participants.

Epilogue: A Confluence of Youth and Governance

As the Scottish Indian Youth Parliament braces itself to grapple with these two weighty

agendas, the organising committee's zeal and dedication radiates brightly. Their

"Friends''-inspired camaraderie and fervor for nurturing an enlightened platform have

erected the scaffolding for an event teeming with insightful discussions, impassioned

addresses, and a jubilation of democratic values. In a world where youthful

involvement in governance has assumed pivotal importance, the Scottish Indian Youth

Parliament emerges as a beacon of optimism, forging bridges across cultures and

continents to foster meaningful dialogues and usher in positive metamorphosis

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