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Twisted Papads

Lakshh Masand

My name is Lakshh Masand, I study in Grade 5 and what follows is my story.

Two years into the pandemic, I was bored of being home all the time. The excitement of what I thought was a long holiday, was over. I wanted to go back to school, the playground, my friends and the canteen.

I spent most of my idle time in the lockdown watching and following my favourite YouTubers- Mark Rober, Dude Perfect, Jamie Oliver and Zach King. I was often caught repeating their dialogues while rewatching their videos.

If anyone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I say ‘biologist’ but what I actually mean to say is Zach King. My parents asked me if I wanted to start my own YouTube Channel. Being shy, I first said no. Then my father convinced me he would do it with me, and so we started ‘The Twisted Papads’.

Why the name ‘Twisted Papads’? For one, we are Sindhis, synonymous with ‘Papads’. Secondly, we are ‘Twisted’- living in a Twisted upside down world.

Initially, my father did it with me but now I present them alone, while my father helps me shoot them. We choose a subject that is fun and relevant, then we do some research on it and come up with ideas on how to make it fun. I sometimes imagine myself as one of my favourite YouTubers when talking to the camera. It is fun.

My mother says the lockdown has made everyone think out of the box on how to keep busy and ours was to fulfill my desire to make fun YouTube videos. I still don't know how to edit but I understand the process. Right now I am just doing it to have fun and talk about things that make me and people watching happy.

Just like how I end my videos, I will end this by saying that I hope you liked my story.

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We are on Instagram and YouTube as ‘The Twisted Papads’.

Thank you,

Lakshh Masand

STD : 5E


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