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Digest, 2022- Grade 6

Izzlena Metissi

Navyaa Singh 6F

On a balmy morning, Izzlena Metissi (Izzy Metissi for short) woke up to the sound of parrots chirping. She was a young girl living in the jungle of Meletis, in the hidden island of Wondroscia. She lived with her pet phoenix, Ashe. She stayed in a cottage near the River Rosiasca. Izzy was a born explorer. One bright and sunny afternoon, Izzy was exploring the Metallica caves with Ashe. She saw a bright light which she thought was an exit but when she went towards it she had the biggest shock of her life.

She thought it was just a legend. She had found the well hidden home of ancient dragons. She was awestruck. She felt a tingle in her skin and saw she had a bulb of magic at her wrist. Everyone in Wondroscia had some magic deep within. That magic was always connected to the elements (fire, water, wind and nature).She realized she was an air elemental.

All elementals have dragons. The story starts long before time had a name, the first dragon master who’s known for skills of controlling all elements. The dragon master is mostly known as Floran. Izzy walked farther till she saw a baby dragon standing near her with something in its mouth. She realized the dragon wanted to give it to her. She took it and saw it was a scroll in which was a riddle. “Walk along the path of the hanging tree.”, she read. “Find the waterfalls that are in three. Look for the garden of corals, to find the Floral.”

Izzy was determined to find the Floral. She needed to learn how to control her powers. On the back of the scroll there was a map. The map told her she had to find the hanging trees to find the three waterfalls. She heard a ROAR when she was about to start her journey. She turned around and saw the little dragon mother was behind her. She wasn’t scared of the dragon so she went forward to pet it. The dragon calmed down and allowed Izzy to ride her. She realized she had a connection with that dragon.

She understood its name as Windy and the baby dragon's name as Skye. Izzy was elated to find that she could understand air dragons. Ashe cawed as if she thought Izzy had forgotten about her but Izzy had not. Ashe was still her pet. While they flew they saw the hanging tree. Izzy did not know why it was called that because the tree wasn’t hanging it was floating ten feet above the Earth. She saw a hexagon brick at the very top of the tree. Ashe swooped down and got it. “What is this for?”, she thought. “When will I need this?” With these thoughts she headed for the waterfall of three.

Soon afterwards, they saw the waterfall but when they went towards it they heard a sound that made them want to jump into the water. Izzy found out that music was from the sea sirens. She saw another hexagon brick, grabbed it and steered them away from there. Izzy was very scared as she found Ashe was not here. She looked backed and saw she was swimming towards the water. Izzy suddenly had a burst of power, making the wind go against Ashe’s wings making her come towards Izzy. She was very relieved that the phoenix did not fly into the water.

Soon afterwards, they headed for the garden of corals. As they headed there, the dragons were getting tired and thirsty so they flew towards the nearest watering hole a while away. They flew there and decided to take a small break and have some fruits and water. Izzy saw a tree nearby and went to pluck fruits from there. The fruits were ginormous so she took one for everyone. Within minutes they had finished eating, had water and were ready to go. Izzy climbed on Windy’s back and flew. Next they headed for the garden of corals.

As they flew Izzy saw a garden up ahead. Her map said this was the garden of corals. She flew down till she realised she had got her wings stuck in the vines of a tree. Skye flew down towards Ashe which resulted her getting stuck too. Izzy sighed and helped untangle them both. Soon afterwards Izzy saw a cave in which the entrance was marked with gems like emeralds and rubies. All of them except the two dragons go into the cave. When Izzy walked in she saw a note. She went towards it and saw it was from the dragon master. “I don’t usually talk to people personally so I leave you this letter.”, she read. “You won’t need anyone’s help to learn to control your power.”

With time Izzy learned to control her power. She stayed at the dragon land for some time before moving back to her cottage near River Rosiasca. Ashe went with Izzy. Windy and Skye stayed in the dragon lands as it was still their home. Izzy never told anyone outside Wondroscia she was an elemental. She kept on exploring new areas again and again but never came across anything as majestic as the dragon lands.

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