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One Step Forward and Three Steps Back

~ Sharanya Sudarshan, 10F

In an attempt to gain power,

they snatched all her rights.

They played their game and grew to fame

while ignoring all her cries.

They made up excuses and gave baseless reasons,

so they could shine in the spotlight.

Unreligious, monstrous, heinous thing it is they deemed,

justified it by saying it leads to the killing of a life.

Meanwhile, she sat over there, alarmed as she conceived.

Conceived, not by choice, but by the force of an untamed stranger.

She had nowhere to go, she was all out of means.

While their power over her body grew stronger and stronger.

So, suddenly they decided to care for their children?

Or is it just another window to win the hearts of the uneducated?

Are there not other ways to protect your darling children?

Like amending your other decrees, and creating a safe environment!

To those same people that deprived her of her rights,

claim themselves competent to rule an entire country?

They took us decades and decades behind.

Another lost livelihood, solace in this they find!

Ultimately shouldn't she be the one that decides?

An oversimplified rationale to all their eristics-

It's her body so..... should it not be her choice?


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