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Digest, 2022 - Grade 5

My Joyful Tale with Water

Anvi Deshwal 5E

It all started when I was two years old, just floating on my back in the swimming pool. I love water and my mother says ‘I am like a fish in the water’. When I was five years old, I started swimming training. My first competition was the Bombay Scottish School Swim Gala, when I was in First Std, and that was when I met our former principal, Mrs. Paul. In that competition, I won a Gold & a Silver medal and received a runners-up trophy from her. This encouragement from the school led to my keen interest in the sport and put me on the Nationals podium at an early age of ten.

At the age of seven, I won my first Championship Trophy in swimming after winning 2 gold and 2 bronze medals. I was so happy that I did a happy dance while receiving the Trophy. My twin sister won runners-up and that made me super happy. In some competitions, we competed against each other. We had very special moments when we shared championships as joint winners. The following year, when I was eight, I received a Gold medal at the hands of Ms Raveena Tandon at The Otters Club. Though I didn't know then that she was an actress, I came to know of it later and was thrilled to have met her.

Sadly, we had to take a pause from swimming at the age of nine because of the Covid pandemic. As the pools in Mumbai remained shut, in August 2021, my coach told me to go to Bengaluru for training as the Nationals were going to be conducted in October 2021. I was keen to compete for a spot at Nationals and represent Maharashtra state. So, we went to Bengaluru along with my mother. We reached the pool at 5 am in the morning to meet the coach and I was very anxious as it was different city much cooler than Mumbai, new environment and unknown swimmers. But soon, they all made it comfortable for me and my twin sister Saanvi to train at the pool.

Days went by and it was time for the time trials for state selections. I did well and got selected in all the five events to represent our Maharashtra state. It was a new start and a big step to compete at Nationals with best swimmers from across the country. I was nervous when I reached the venue, which was well decorated and was going to be the stage for a fierce competition for the next few days. Ultimately, in my favourite event, I entered as top seed and won a silver medal along with my twin sister winning bronze. My coaches and my parents were proud of us and the organisers made special mention of Twin Sisters sharing the podium side by side in the same event. That was the best day of my life.

On an ending note, I must say my enthrallment with water continues… See you again next year with more interesting tales of water.

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