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Digest, 2022 - Grade 4

The Man

Vedika Narayan, 4C

Last night I was watching my favourite programme on television. Suddenly, I heard a noise outside in my garden. I got up and went outside and saw some guy with a beard in a dark suit. I was alone at home and was very scared. I saw him trying to break through the window! I froze, ‘what will I do?’ I thought. Then I thought I’d make a trap. I got rope, a bucket, water, dishwash, three glasses and four plates. I tied the rope to the bucket that was filled with water and dishwash. I stood on a stool and put it over another window as I saw the man start to check all the windows. While I got to the plan with glasses and plates, I called the police. I put the glasses and plates in front of all the windows so I knew where the man was. The police arrived. I told the police what I did. Then one plate broke. The police found the thief and arrested him.

Exam Time

Sarah Irani 4D

Last night I was watching my favourite programme on TV. Suddenly I heard a noise outside in my garden. I got up and went to the window and saw sheets of paper fighting with each other. I quickly ran to the living room door and opened it and went outside. The papers were still fighting. The maths paper was screaming saying that it was important because nobody would earn any money without it. The science paper was stamping its feet saying that it was very important because nobody would know which medicine to use to cure a person. The English paper was also talking at the top of its voice that it was the most important one because nobody would understand any language without the knowledge of English. The Hindi paper was also screaming that it was important because all books and scriptures about India was in Hindi and it was also the national language. I was tired listening to all of this and I shouted very loudly that everyone was equally important. So now I have started to study properly all my subjects for my exams.


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