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Digest, 2022 - Grade 2


Kiara Savla 2A

My favourite sport is Rhythmic gymnastics. Since childhood I was very flexible and loved hanging on monkey bars. Gymnastics is all about co-ordination, grace, balance and flexibility. A gymnast has to perform sets using an apparatus such as ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs,and rope. My favourite gymnast is Meghna from Hyderabad.Since the last three years I have been practising gymnastics. I have become stronger and can balance better. I wish to become a top gymnast one day.


Myra Naveed Siddiqui 2B

My mother is the person I admire the most. I admire my mother because she can handle so many things- making food, designing our new house. I have learnt from her that sometimes you have to put others' needs before you-something she does twenty four by seven. I wish to be as patient and calm in a stressful situation as her. I have become much better at managing time and situations. My mother will always be memorable because she has also helped me a lot. I love my mother a lot.


Maya Rasquinha 2C

As I uncorked the little bottle, a great cloud of smoke appeared. To my surprise it was a genie. He told me he would grant me three wishes. I was very excited. I immediately said, can you grant me the ability to time travel? I want to meet Queen Boudica, the warrior queen.What about your other wishes, the genie asked. I wish for an unending supply of books, because I love reading. I promise to share them with my friends. And for my third and final wish, I want to play for the Liverpool football team one day. The genie smiled and said, granted! He then disappeared into the air.I was very happy.


Gianna Netto 2D

A surprise gift I received was an iphone. My father gifted me the iphone after my open house. My father was very happy with my performance and as promised he gave me the phone. I am very happy with the gift. I promised my father that I will not misuse it. I will use it for my school work. I am indeed very grateful to my father for such a thoughtful surprise gift.


Sanaya Zubin Daboo 2E

During the first lockdown our house help could not come to work. She did not have groceries at home. My parents and I helped her by sending money and some food items for her and her family. I also sent some of my clothes, toys and stationery to her. It was important to do that for their survival. It has helped them to be healthy and happy.


Aarush Tijoriwala 2F

Winter is my favourite season of the year. It begins in the month of November. It is very cold in this season. We wear warm woollen clothes like sweaters, mufflers etc. I like to drink hot soup and hot chocolate milk in winter. It snows in winter so I love to make snowballs and celebrate Christmas and look forward to Santa Claus coming to my place and giving me gifts. It is my favourite season because during this time, I visit my grandparents house and have lots of fun during my winter vacation.

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