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Digest, 2022 - Grade 12

Thank you, Bombay Scottish

Leisha Manjrekar 12C

Years have flown by, generations have flourished, innumerable pages of history have turned… but the light gray walls of this edifice of strength continue to exude the virtues of perseverance and hard work that it is known for. In my long and glistening fourteen years at this institution, I have written so many essays; yet, not once have I dedicated one to my school… thinking I have so many years of school left to do so. But ― and how much ever I refuse to believe it ― this is my last year at Scottish… and the time to write down a grateful and sincere dedication.

Wearing a small, gray pinafore with its trademark navy blue sash and tie, I stepped into a bright yellow bus, having no idea or perception of its destination. Little did I know then, that I would call this place my second home for fourteen years: Bombay Scottish School, Mahim.

Every corner of the school is etched with meaningful existence. Exhausted after playing in the lunch break, the tall and protective banyan tree seemed to extend its arm-like branches in an effort to provide a cool atmosphere. While the strong pillars of the Andrews’ Hall have seen innumerable practice sessions, the classrooms are home to the evolution of little children into young adults.

Scottish has been an environment for growth, making it a land of everlasting memories: from pouting for placing sixth in the first standard flat race to scoring points for the Red House by winning the gold in long jump at the Senior Athletic Meet; from being scolded for not completing homework to having memorable discussions with our teachers during “free periods”; from dreading early Mondays to reaching school extra early on concert practice days; from wearing the school uniform every day to dancing in sarees on the tenth standard farewell function… and so, so much more.

I am grateful to my entire Bombay Scottish family ― the humble didis and bhaiyas, the cheerful watchmen, the protective bus didis, the office staff, and most importantly, our approachable, kind and loving teachers; for guiding and developing the four year-old me into the young adult I am today.

Thank you, Bombay Scottish.

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