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Digest, 2022 - Grade 1

The Ant

Prianna Chopra 1A

The ant is the smallest insect in the world. Ants don’t have lungs but they breathe through tiny holes on their body. They have six legs, two eyes and two feelers on their head. Ants do not have ears, they hear from the vibration of the ground.Ants have two stomachs, one for themselves and the second one is to hold food for the other ants. The Queen Ant is the only ant that can lay eggs.

My School

Reann Lobo 1B

My school’s name is Bombay Scottish School. It is 175 years old. My school has three buildings. There is a big playground and a basketball court where I play with my friends. My classroom has lovely blue benches. My school has a garden with a slide. My friends and I have fun playing in the park. There is a big banyan tree in the school where we swing from the roots. I like going to school. I love my teachers very much because they teach me so many new things.

The Elephant

Aavya Khathuria 1C

The elephant is the largest wild animal. It lives in the forests of Africa and Asia. It is huge with enormous ears, tiny eyes, ivory tusks and a long trunk. An elephant eats bamboo, bananas and wild fruits. It uses its trunk to suck and spray water. An elephant’s young one is a calf. It lifts heavy logs of wood and also takes us for rides. An elephant has a very good memory and is also very friendly.

My School

Zach Abraham 1D

I go to one of the best schools in India. It was founded 175 years ago by Scottish missionaries. There is an old Banyan tree which is wide and has long roots. We love swinging on the roots. We used to have our PT classes under the Banyan tree. There is a basketball court and a gigantic football field. We have four houses, red, yellow, green and blue. My school is very close to the Mahim bay so it is very breezy. There is also a wonderful garden and a playhouse that I love to play in. We have very sweet teachers. Now you must know it is none other than Bombay Scottish School. I love my School!

My School

Binaisha Garg 1F

The name of my school is Bombay Scottish School. My school is 175 years old. It is located in Mahim. There is a very old Banyan tree in my school. There is a huge basketball court. Hinduja Hospital is opposite our school. Our principal is Mrs. Sunita George. We have a huge playground near the basketball court. The boys' houses are named after Scottish missionaries. The girls' houses are named after Scottish queens. The school flag is sky blue in color. We have four houses: blue, red, green and yellow. I am in the yellow house. We have two halls in our school, they are the Gamaliel Hall and the Andrews Hall. My school building is getting renovated. I am proud to say that my school is one of the best schools in Mumbai. My school has a sick room. I am proud of my school. I love my school.

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